Welcome to Veranda

The beautiful view on the river and Šarengradska ada (island). Danube is the country road through Europe. Anyone wanting to spend their holidays away from the urban life should come to our modern house in the rural area, settled on one of the slopes of Fruška gora mountain. The house is very modern and decorated with wooden furniture (Slavonian oak), made by a local carpenter.

Our vision of life is to live with nature and to respect it. On the property there is a generator which servers as a power supply (instead of an electrical network).


Where are we located

On the high loess plateau above the river Danube we found perfect piece of nature, to awake our senses and harmonize our body. The house called Veranda (porch) is located 2 minutes away from the enterance of Šarengrad (on the way from Vukovar to Ilok, on Eurovelo route 6), surounded by wineyards.


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